Construction Set for Hwy 289

10-30-06 - Bringing Highway 289 north through Grayson County has been an effort for more than a decade. On Monday, local leaders cleared one last hurdle.

The project would create a second highway to travel from Dallas through Grayson County.

Construction won’t begin until the beginning of 2007, but on Monday, Pens did all the work as this long awaited dream became a reality.

The contract between the county and the state was signed at a special session of commissioner’s court at the airport terminal. The contract signed details three main points. It assures the 84 million dollar price tag for the project is the maximum amount and anything over it will be turned over to the state. It sets a completion time by which the developer promises to finish the project in the summer of 2009. And it transfers all risk of the project to the developer as they assume all the obligations that go along with a project of this size.

This day marks the beginning of a new future for all of Grayson County. Highway 289 will travel along the west end of Grayson County, going all the way up to Pottsboro. Developers of the project plan on breaking ground the first of the year.