Lone Grove Weighs Waste Water Options

The city of Lone Grove has visions of growth but officials say a struggling waste water system is holding them back. The city's current lagoon system can't keep up and the DEQ says it won't renew the contract when it expires in 2008. So now city leaders are looking at two options.

They've talked about hooking up with the city of Ardmore and pumping waste to its new facility. But the city manager says that would end up costing the average consumer almost 20 dollars more a month and the city would pay almost double the price of building a new wastewater plant.

They have the land to do that but six years ago when they started making plans to build a plant south of the Kenney housing addition folks living there protested and the proposal was stopped.

The city manager says they can't wait much longer. It's up to the city council to make a decision that can spur the city's economic goals.

The city council toured the Chickasaw Utility Company's waste water plant near the casino in Thackerville. Members say the facility is quiet and odor free and would like to build a similar plant on a smaller scale.