Eddie Sutton Found Unresponsive in Car

STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) - Former Oklahoma State basketball coach Eddie Sutton is hospitalized after being found unresponsive in his car outside a Stillwater convenience store.

OSU spokeswoman Sheila Dohmann says Sutton is at Stillwater Medical Center and is alive and alert and Stillwater Medical Center released a statement saying Sutton was NOT under the influence of

The statement says Sutton may have had an adverse reaction to medication he was recently prescribed by his doctor and may be
released from the hospital later today.

Police say a clerk at the On Cue convenience store called for an ambulance just after 9:30 and Sutton was "mostly unresponsive" when emergency personnel arrived.

Captain Randy Dickerson says Sutton was able to talk a little to police and paramedics. Dickerson declined to reveal what Sutton said.