Perry Stops in Sherman

Gov. Rick Perry continued to campaign hard in the final days of the 2006 election on Day 2 of the “Take No Vote for Granted Tour” in Wichita Falls, Sherman, Paris, Palestine, and Waco.

“If you re-elect me, I will continue to fight for our jobs, our schoolchildren and our future,” Perry said. “I’m here to say, with just three days left, that I won’t take any vote for granted.”

Perry pointed to his record of leadership in office as clear evidence that he is the only candidate who can lead Texas in the right direction for the next four years. And he contrasted his record with that of liberal Cong. Chris Bell.

“Chris Bell sided with organizations that raise money in America for terror groups instead of voting to make it easier to deport the enemies of freedom,” Perry said. “He also thinks election disputes in the United States are best handled by United Nations election monitors.”

Perry also reminded Texans of Bell’s hunting-photo-op-gone-bad after he left the safety on when he tried to fire his rifle, almost breaking his finger. “Now he thinks he has me in his sights, but Mr. Bell, you can’t shoot straight as long as you have the safety on.”

Perry likened the incident to his approach on border and homeland security, saying, “instead of supporting troops on our border and a $100 million plan to secure that border, he simply refuses to pull the trigger. We cannot put the security of Texas into the hands of a Washington liberal.”

Perry said more Texans have a job than ever before, a record number of students are going to college, and Texas has a record budget surplus just three years removed from a record budget deficit. Student achievement, teacher pay, childhood immunizations and homeownership rates are up – while frivolous lawsuits, doctors’ liability costs and homeowners’ insurance costs are down. Perry said Texans will benefit from the largest school property tax cut in history, and that Texans are safer because of his border security initiatives that have reduced border crime during intensive operations by 60 percent.

“I have done in office what I have promised on the campaign trail and I am proud to run on my record,” Perry said. “We have created more than 675,000 jobs in three years, we have increased school funding by $9 billion over six years and we will do even more if you give me four more years!”

Perry said his priorities for the future include continuing to fight for a real spending cap, property appraisal reform and a $100 million investment to secure the border from drug cartels and terrorist threats. And he said he is the only candidate that can be trusted with Texans future because he is the only candidate running on a record leadership.

“This campaign will not be won by the loudest critic and the shrillest cynic. It will be won by the candidate who is the strongest leader,” Perry said. “I have led during natural disasters, economic downturn and in the face of security threats. I have taken on the tough issues and succeeded, whether it was solving school finance or stopping abusive lawsuits that jeopardize Texans’ healthcare. And I will always do what I believe is best for Texas, no matter how difficult the task or how loud the criticism.”