Democrats Learn They've Won Senate

11-09-06 - Democrats got the news they were waiting for Wednesday night, a Senate victory in Virginia to give the party control of both houses of Congress for the first time in a dozen years.

With one final Senate race in the blue column, the mid-term election turned into a full congressional sweep for Democrats.

CBS News projects Jim Webbs win in Virginia, giving Democrats control of the Senate to add to their victory in the House.

Even before the call in Virginia.. the winds of change reached Washington, toppling a key architect of the Iraq War.

President Bush says, “Secretary Rumsfeld and I agreed that the timing is right for new
leadership at the Pentagon.”

The president chose a veteran of his fathers administration, former C.I.A Director Robert Gates, for the defense secretary’s job.

Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense Designate says, “Because our long-term strategic interests and our national and homeland security are at risk I did not hesitate when the president asked me to return to duty."

Republicans welcomed the change. Democrats said they wished it had come

Former President, Bill Clinton says, "Now we can have a new beginning, a new face at the Pentagon who doesn't carry the baggage that Secretary Rumsfeld carried.

Rumsfeld’s departure eliminates one major source of contention, but no one expects a smooth ride for the President and Democratic Congress.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) says, "We're prepared to govern, and we look forward to working in a bi-part way with the president and the republicans in congress.”

The woman ready to be House Speaker and the Democrat who will lead the Senate have lunch at the White House Thursday.

In that Virginia Senate race, election workers are still canvassing votes. Republican George Allen hasn’t conceded and doesn’t plan to comment until that process is finished.