Donation to Build New Animal Shelter

11-14-06 - The city of Healdton is getting a new animal shelter thanks to citizens and their love for animals.

Like most cities, Healdton can't keep up with the number of strays roaming the streets.

In the past, officials were forced to put animals to sleep because they had no room to house them.

So locals have decided to put a stop to that.

A Healdton veterinarian asked Scott Sutherland of Sutherland's Well Service to finance a new shelter. He agreed and pitched in $27,000 for the project.

By the end of the year, a 1300 square foot facility will be built right next to the old one north of town, complete with electricity and air conditioning.

The city manager says the city can't afford to build a new shelter let alone maintain the existing one. If it hadn't been for citizens they'd be stuck with what they have for years to come.