Update - School Cell Policy Upheld

11-20-06 - One week after two parents filed a larceny report against Lone Grove school adminstrators, First News has learned the district attorney will not file charges.

A student's cell phone was confiscated on Thursday, November 9th. As per school policy, the school kept it for 5 days. But the student's parents say they pay the bill and should have the right to the phone.

District Attorney Craig Ladd reviewed the report on Monday and chose not to file charges. Superintendent Gary Scott told First News on Monday that the school does not intend to change their policy.

Other schools in Carter County have similar policies but Dickson and Ardmore allow students to have their cell phones back at the end of the day on the first offense.

State Superintendent Sandy Garrett says she's never dealt with a case like this in the past but it would be up to the DA to force the school to change its policy.

Sherman schools have a unique cell phone policy. On the second offense, the parents must come get the phone and pay $10 or the phone remains in the vault for 10 days.