Keeping Ex-Cons Out of Schools

11-16-06 - The Gainesville school district recently discovered that a former school employee was hired, despite having a criminal record. The G.I.S.D., like most local districts, relies on the state to help with background checks.

They use the Texas DPS criminal records system, which can be accessed from any computer, for just a small fee. But it's a system that isn't completely fool proof.

If someone wants to give a false and middle name or give a wrong Social Security number, they can slip through.

Something was missed in the case of Marcus Castle who was hired earlier this year as a maintenance man. A check of the Denton County sheriff's website shows that Castle has been confined four separate times for probation violation and possession of a controlled substance. Castle has since left the district but there have been changes.

Gainesville's new system now thoroughly checks to make sure the identification on the background check consent matches the one on the application before it goes to DPS.

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