A+ Athlete: Madeline Williams

11-17-06. This Plainview High School student looks like your average teen. But it's her athletic ability and academic achievements that make her unique. Whether it’s participating in class, or running a few laps around the track. Madeline Williams is sure to excel.

Jerry Naylor, Plainview High School says, “She's been a leader for us. She always doing the things you ask her to do and not only that, she's an outstanding student. As far as we're concerned, she definitely deserves this honor of being A+ student."

Madeline is the President of Plainview’s Student Council, she's ranked in the top third of her class, and is captain of the cheerleading team. She’s on the school's cross country and track team. That's why she say's she's an A+ athlete.

Madeline say’s, “I've work hard the last four years to stay in the top of my class. I’ve been on our amazing cross country team for 4 years. We’ve had 3 state championships and 1 runner up. It's just this is my reward for all my hard work.

Madeline volunteers with the Ardmore soup kitchen, leads cheer clinics, and is a mentor for elementary age students to improve their reading skills.