Local Congressman Tabbed for NRCC Post

News Release:

Congressman Cole Elected To House Leadership, NRCC Chairman

WASHINGTON - Congressman Tom Cole was elected today to the House Republican leadership team as Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). As Chairman of the NRCC, Congressman Cole will set the overall campaign strategy for the Republican Conference.

"My first duty is and will always be that of a Congressman and to the people of the Fourth District of Oklahoma. I will continue to do the job I was elected to do to the best of my ability--representing the views and interests of my district in Washington," Congressman Cole said.

"It was an honor to be elected to the House leadership team as Chairman of the NRCC. In this position, I get to do what I have been doing for a majority of my life--both in Oklahoma and on a national level--advising candidates and consulting campaigns," Congressman Cole said. "This year for the first time in twelve years the Democrats took control of the House--my job will be to make sure we get it back. With the right tools and the right resources I believe we can."

"In this new role, I will have a seat at the leadership table and will be able to help mold and shape the agenda of our party over the next several years. While my specific responsibility on the leadership team will be to help the Republicans regain control of Congress, I will also be working with my party to work in a bi-partisan manner to pass legislation that is best for the country."

"The Republican Party holds the conservative ideals in which most Oklahomans and most Americans believe--issues like lower taxes, smaller government and a strong national defense. In the next election, we will have the opportunity to defend those ideals and put Republicans back in the majority party."