Two-vote Lead Reversed in District 25

11-17-06 - HOLDENVILLE, Okla. (AP) - A Hughes County judge has thrown out four absentee ballots because of voting irregularities in a state House race.

All four ballots were cast for Democrat Darrell Nemecek, who won
in House District 25 by two votes on November seventh.

Republican candidate Todd Thomsen requested a re-count, alleging
that four voters in Hughes County voted in the race without living
in the district. Hughes County shares only one precinct with House
District 25.

Associate District Judge Gordon Allen agreed with Thomsen and
his lawyer after testimony from county election officials who said
the incorrect ballot was mistakenly given to four voters for
in-person absentee voting November sixth.

With the four votes removed from the election totals, Thomsen now leads by two votes. The re-count will continue Friday in Pontotoc and McClain counties and Monday in Pottawatomie County District Court.