Safety Focus at Newest School Project

The construction of a new elementary school in Sherman is bringing new attention to traffic safety in the area of Binkley Road and Highway 56. City and school leaders are meeting Monday night to hammer out a plan.

It’s a problem that every school has to deal with, traffic congestion before and after school. This time, the school district is trying to avoid that problem during the construction phase, instead of after the school is open.

Because of speed concerns, the plan calls for new right and left hand turning lanes off of Highway 56 onto Binkley Road. All traffic entering from 56 will be diverted to the front end of the school.

However, to reduce congestion, traffic heading north on Binkley Road toward 56 will be forced to enter on the back side of the building.

The plan is a joint effort between the city, the school district and TXDOT. All three say that smooth traffic flow is essential for the long term success of the school.

The school district did not want to comment until after the plan had been announced at the meeting tonight, but city officials like what they see so far and they don’t expect the city having any problems with the plan.