World Wide Toy Re-call

A major world-wide toy recall was announced in Washington D.C. It involves millions of a Mattel toy that contains magnets.

Tiny magnets in these Polly Pocket play sets have hurt some children and triggered a massive toy recall.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has 170 reports of magnets coming out of the dolls and doll accessories. Three children were hospitalized with internal injuries that required surgery after they swallowed loose magnets.

The CPSC and Mattel are asking parents to take the recalled play sets away from their children and contact the company to make arrangements to return them for a replacement toy voucher.

Mattel sold about 2.4 million Polly Pocket magnetic play sets in the U.S. between May 2003 and September 2006 at discount department stores. Another two million were sold worldwide.

Eight different play sets are part of the recall. The specific model numbers and detailed return information are available at Mattel's website.

The Polly Pockets magnetic play sets on store shelves now are not part of this recall.