Marshall Co Agency Facing Budget Cuts

A Marshall County support center known for helping others now needs help of its own. Budget shortfalls have left the director of the Marshall County family support service with little choice but to make cuts.

Last year the agency helped more than 300 men and women escape domestic violence. The center is partially funded through the attorney general's office and operates on a 150 thousand dollar budget. The board of directors anticipated they would receive 30 thousand dollars in state funding but that money fell through.

Monday, the director met with her six employees to talk about the dilemma. She says unless they raise 10 thousand dollars, they will have to cut salaries, hours, and eliminate one counselor position, all before the holidays. That in turn will affect the number of victims they're able to reach.

Budget shortfalls are hitting programs all over the state. The family crisis center in Durant has dealt with salary cuts and layoffs in the past. Advocates are urging legislators for help this next session.