Officers Suspended in Colbert

11-27-06 - The mayor of Colbert suspended the police chief and another officer Monday morning.

Police Chief John Polston and Reserve Captain Donald Bishop were suspended for a variety of reasons, including insubordination.

The city is not saying much at this time. All they will say is that the move was made for personnel reasons.

Chief Polston told First News by phone Monday afternoon that his suspension was unjust and was motivated by a rivalry between the mayor and other council members.

The list given to Polston included using town computers for personal enterprise, using intimidation of firing officers if they speak to city officials and failure to attend town council meetings.

He says he is shocked by the accusations and doesn't know what comes next.

The city manager told First News that the move is no cause for alarm to the public.

The city has scheduled a meeting for Thursday to prepare for what comes next.