Kwikset Lays-Off Employees

12-12-06 Kwikset in Denison announced they will be laying-off some of their employees. Due to changes in the housing and remodeling business, Kwikset says there will be a slight reduction in their workforce.

Back in July the plant announced the movement of part of their operations overseas to help in production. A faltering economy has led to the latest cut back which is to take effect the beginning of 2007. Plant officials have met with employees to let them know of the reduction. A statement released by the company says the move will reduce the amount of salaried and hourly workers in order to better align production with customer demand and inventory levels. They also say that they will focus the Denison plant on its core competencies such as die-cast stamping and knob forming.

Denison development officials say that the loss of jobs is never good, but hope that they can work around the lay-offs. Kwikset says that they will personally notify the individuals that are affected by the transition at the beginning of January.