A+ Athlete: Mary Gurak

12.15.06. Mary Gurak is your all around girl. She’s captain and starter for the Denison Yellow Jackets volleyball team, Mary leads the team in assists. Mary is both a hitter and a setter. This year alone, she averaged a 98% for serves in ten matches. But there is more to Mary then just the ball and court...

Saundra Hess, Denison Volleyball Coach says, "Mary is very intense and focused that’s the first thing your going to notice about Mary. She's a very loving caring girl but she is also very driven and that's a characteristic you don't find that in young people, as much as you would like to see it. She is focused on what she wants to do. She knows what she wants and she's very determined to get that."

Ranked second in her class, she's active in National Honor Society and letters in pre-calculus. She's also extremely talented in other things, Mary won a VFW painting award.

Vice president of Denison's Student Council, Mary is active in her church as well as local organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, Meals on Wheels, and canned food drives.

Mary says, “I love what they do and to get out there and do what you love because you love to do it, not just for the popularity and recognition.”