Drivers Prepare Vehicles for Travel

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12-20-06 As the week winds down, many people will hit the road for the holidays. Holiday safety experts say to make a thorough check of your ride before traveling. Make sure the car's headlights work before you go, to travel safely.

At the Whistle Stop Car Wash and Express Lube, people like Mike Rodriguez are making their lists and checking them twice. But it's not a typical Christmas rundown.

"We want to check your belts, hoses, coolent levels, all your fluid levels are topped off," Rodriguez said. "Check the battery, we clean the windshield, check your tires."

AAA Staffers estimate they receive most of their annual call volume during the winter months. These cases are usually when a car won't start or worse, like major mechianical failure.

Drivers like Danny Williams are prepping for Christmas visits. He's headed all the way to Mississippi.

"I've been real busy and this was the best time to get it done before we left town tomorrow," Williams said.

Rodriguez says to make sure your car has plenty of oil, washer fluid, and that your battery is charged. Other drivers took a cue from the rainy weather to have the oil changed and the tires aired up.

"I'm just trying to stay prepared in case the weather turns," said Kevin Hill, a Sherman resident. " With the rain the last few days might as well get it done."

AAA experts say you'll want to take care of those common-sense items like making sure your tires have good tread. Many car care places will do just that for free.