Authorities: Kramer Still in the Area

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12-27-06 Six days after Richard Kramer walked out of the Bryan County Jail a number of questions remained unanswered. It's the latest dark chapter for Bryan County's justice system. Twenty-one inmates have escaped from the Bryan County Jail in the last two years. According to county officials, the last two have been due to jailer error.

Bryan County Officials believe Kramer is sill in the area as he has many family members living in Bryan County. Authorities said Kramer also has family in California, but don't think he could get that far.

After a number of attempts by KXII reporters to find answers, county officials refused to say what happened on Friday citing the pending investigation. The jail administrator at Hutchinson told KXII her jailers have to be more careful and watchful of the prisoners.

Kramer was arrested and placed in jail in April for armed robbery and was senteced to 20 years. He had only been in the jail for eight months.

Another round of escapees brings up the question: if or when will the state get involved? Oklahoma Department of Correction officials say that once they gather all the information about the escape they will talk to their legal department to see if any actions should or will be taken; a step which county officials say would be even more detrimental to the county.

Bryan County Commissioner Tony Simmons believes the county needs to double the amount of funds allotted to the jail which would total about $450,000, money which he says will probably have to come from tax payers.