4th of July safety

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DENISON, TX -- The Fourth of July always brings lots of business to the lake, but it will also be busy on the highways.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says more alcohol-related fatal accidents happen over the 4th of July than any other holiday.

With this 4th of july falling on a Wednesday, troopers and marina owners alike expect these next two weekends to be busy.

"There's 7 million visitors I think that come to Lake Texoma in a year, I think we'll see quite a few of those this weekend," said Jason Cottingame, Grandpappy Point General Manager.

Denison Fire Water Rescue members say they've already seen more boaters on the lake this summer than in years past, and marina owners agree.

"We're seeing a lot of new people coming to the lake that we've not seen before, so we're seeing good business this year," said Cottingame.

More people also means more risk of accidents.

"During the holiday periods every year we do see an increase number of DWI crashes on the highways. It's mainly a result of people going out and trying to relieve some stress and have a good time, but they're not making good decisions and getting a designated driver like they should," said Trooper Mark Tackett with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Texas DPS Troopers made 1,406 DWI arrests during the 4th of July enforcement last year, and this year they're stepping up patrols again.

"DPS is gonna be having all available troopers out on the road looking for drunk drivers, anybody that's trying to engage somebody in road rage, we're going to be trying to crack down on speeding, and trying to make the highways safer for people who are traveling," said Trooper Tackett.

Troopers encourage you to designate a driver during the festivities.

If you live in the Ardmore area, you can use AAA Tipsy Tow service, or if you are in Grayson Count, you can call Van Alstyne's Holiday Haul with Adams Automotive.

Ardmore Tipsy Tow: 1-800-222-4357 or 1-800-(AAA-HELP)

Van Alstyne Holiday Haul: (903) 482-5784

Van Alstyne's Holiday Haul is provided by Adams Automotive. It runs all day Saturday and Sunday, to Monday morning. And then again all day Tuesday and Wednesday. It is for intoxicated drivers only.

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