New Judge for Grayson County

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12-28-06 A new year will bring a new judge for Grayson County. Drue Bynum will begin his four year term on January 1, 10 months after being elected. He sees being elected Grayson County judge as a calling.

Three days from now, he will officially answer the call and hopes to lead Grayson Co. in a new directon. According to Bynum, Grayson County is doing well financially in part to increased growth bringing more money to the economy, and it will get even better.

He plans to implement Town Hall Meetings throughout the county to further communication between government and citizens. He also says the county needs to plan infrastructure changes many years in advance to avoid confusion as the population continues to grow.

"I feel like my feet are on the ground," Bynum said. "I'm not going to say I know everyhing about the job, but very fortunate to have had the time to prepare so we can pick up where we letf off and continue to go forward."

Bynum will be sworn in as judge at 10 am on Monday, January 1.