Sheriff Speaks Out About Bryan County Jail Escape

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12-29-06 New details on the escape of two inmates from the Bryan County Jail .

After days of little information from county officials, the Sheriff speaks out about what went wrong.

Bryan County Sheriff Bill Sturch says two jailers were on the day shift were still on duty the night of December 22nd, when Richard Kramer and Brian Turner escaped.

Turner was caught later that night, but Kramer is still on the loose. Sturch says the jailers should have seen the inmates walk through the unlocked doors of the jail and stopped them.

Sturch said, "These guys should have never gotten out."

Seven doors. That's how many doors Richard Kramer and Brian Turner walked through from cell 24 to freedom.

Sturch says one door to the kitchen can stay propped open fut the other six were supposed to be locked.

"Whoever has the control room has got cameras and you can look in the passageway back to where 24 is. If for some reason or another they breached the door and the lock... you're going to see them on the camera, " Sturch said.

Cameras jail administrator Donna Hutchinson says do not show the entire facility, so the inmates could have slipped by. She also says the inmates may have tinkered with the locks, causing one door to unlock.

But Sturch says he doesn't believe that.

Sturch and Hutchinson have a few theories. One is that a trustee inmate, an inmate in jail for a nonviolent crime, but allowed to leave his cell, may have left the door open. Another theory--one or both of the jailers were not trained properly, or they helped with the escape.

"The only way a person can get out of the jail is a policy breach," Sturch said.

Sheriff Sturch says his department was not told about the escape until four hours after it happened. Giving the inmates a head start on law enforcement. Sturch says he's working with some leads right now, but is asking for the public's help to find Kramer.