Fallen Firefighter: Viewers Share Their Condolences

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I have been following this since it happened and so little we forget about the things in life people do for others and the risk that so many take for us, the citizens,to keep us safe from harms way.. To the firefighters and peace officers, you risk your lives like Phillip to help others Just because your hearts are bigger than most, In my eyes you guys and girls are " Gods Angels"that are here on Earth to Spare Us from Harm. He choose you to do the unthinkable,unselfish acts of Kindness. It takes"SPECIAL PEOPLE"Like Phillip to do that kinda Job.. No words can replace or change how you are feeling! Just know to the Family"ALL Of His Family"you are loved and in our Prayers may God give you the strength to get through this horrible time of loss. He will never be forgotten.To the Firefighters Embrace Phillips love for others remember what that meant to him and take it with you when you go... He is looking over you and his family with a smile . He will always be with you.. Thanks Phillip for the Risk you have taken to help others you didn't even know. You will be missed!! Thanks to all the Men and Women who risk there lives every day for Us without you we would not feel safe..With Deepest Sympathy and Great Respect
-Eddie , Crystal and Kayden Lowery, Denison Tx

I am the surviving spouse of an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman killed in the line of duty October 1st, 2006 and the sister of a Sapulpa Firefighter. I wanted to let your family know that you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. I know how difficult this can be and I pray that God helps you the same way he helps the kids and I get through everyday. Maverick and Kendra want you to know also that they are thinking of your family and that Phillip Townsend is hero just like their dad is a hero. If you all need anything please let us know, you can contact us through the OHP.
Hope McClendon 663 1/2, Surviving Spouse of Trooper William L. McClendon 663
Maverick McClendon 13 yrs old and Kendra McClendon 10 yrs old

I just wanted to tell his family both at the fire dept and his personal family. You are all in my prayers and I am sorry for your loss. So many of our heros are not recognized until they are lost. I am not a firefighter or anything great like that. I am just a single mother. But I know what it is like to lose someone you love. I want you all to know that there are those of us out here that do appreciate what a great job. These heros do for us and want them to also know that no matter how much they think they are not appreciated that is so far from the truth. You are very much apperciated and cared about. Thank you for what you do. May God bless you and keep you.
-Lottie Pierce, Durant

My prayers and thoughts are with Phillip’s family today and always. As I was going to McKinney this morning, I passed an unbelievable amount of fire trucks coming up from so many different towns. Each one brought one more tear and one more “God Please be with his family and thanks for him and others like him”.
-Ricky and Cynthia Tillett, Tom Bean, Texas

I work for the City of Denison and am also a Volunteer Fire Fighter in Wade Oklahoma. I was driving to Plano Tuesday and saw all of the Fire Apparatus at the Church. The support shown by these and the prayers and support from many others speak highly of Phillip Townsend and the type of person that he was. May God comfort and keep you in this time of sorrow.
-Mike Crocker

I am a 911 dispatcher at the Denison Fire Department, I know Phillip loved what he was doing…He was the happiest go lucky person you’d ever meet. God Bless Phillip, I will miss him so much, he would always come into dispatch to make sure I was having a good day…He will be truly missed by everyone..Phillip we love you!!!
-Lisa Garling, 911 Dispatcher

To Phillip's family:
There are no words to ease the seemingly unbearable pain you are feeling. Embrace the support of family, friends and this awesome city. The outpouring of support we experienced from the people of Denison when dad died was amazing. Our prayers are with you.
-Talina Fulce-Carver (daughter of T.O. Fulce, in the line of duty, Denison, TX 1989)

Our Hearts goes out to the family and the fire dept.As I watched the story on kxii news it brought tears to my eyes.May God be with the family and help them thur.If there is any thing we can do to help the family and the firedept please let us know.Phillip May You Rest In Peace.
-Mike (Hugo Firefighter) and Kathy Burchfield

May God Bless Phillip Townsend and his Family, and Be with his Family at the Firedept.
-The Hugo Fire Dept.
Hugo, Oklahoma

The Morris family would like to send our condolences to the Townsend family.May God bless ya'll in your time of need.
-Emons Morris, Pottsboro Fire Dept

We work at the Denison Fire Department. We had the opportunity to get to know Phillip. We knew him from day one of his career. We started not long before him and we did all our training and school together. There is no doubt in our mind that he died doing what he loved! He will be greatly missed. We didn't know where you get your pictures from but I have a couple from some of our training together. Thank you for making his name well known.
- Mark and Micah

All of us and our family send our pryers to the Townsend Family
God Bless all
-TIoga Volunteer Fire Department,
Firefighters, Officers and Aux.

I just met Phillip 6 months ago when we started Paramedic School together, but had come to enjoy talking with him and the other Denison Firemen in our class. He will be missed by many, including those who had only known him for a short time. I am praying for his family and brothers at Denison Fire Dept. Phillip worked with some outstanding men and I know they will get through this difficult time.
-Aaron Green,
Sherman Fire Department

Our prayers and tears are with Phillip's family and the Denison Fire Department today. It's hard to convey the heaviness we feel in our hearts. We pray God will carry your hearts, we will be there to stand by you. Our deepest condolences.
-Anna Dodd,
Tom Bean Fire Department

To the family of Phillip , God Bless You and my heart goes out to you. I was a friend of his in school (mostly FFA) and he always wanted to help others and that's how God toke him ,so be proud and lift your head high cause that's what he would say.....
In my prayers,
ReJeania Wallace-Garzee

Sherwood Shores Fire Department
We would like to give our thoughts to your department and to the family of our lost brother. If there is anything ,we can do please feel free to call us and ask. He will be missed. We give our love to you all and the family.
-Carl and Karie Worthey

My heart goes out to the family of Mr. Townsend. I am a wife of a Gainesville Firefighter, and I know that all the guys here are grieving also. I also think about Mr. Townsend's father. We lost our 26 year old daughter 2 years ago, so we know how terrible it is to lose a child. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
-Debbie Frost
Gainesville, TX

I work at the Denison Fire Dept. as a dispatcher, I just wanted to say that i will miss Phillip very much he always had a smile on his face and always like to cut up with me. I know Phillip loved what he was doing at the time of his passing but i know God will take good care of him, My heart also goes out to Larry and his family, Sherry and her family, and Theresa and her family and to those 3 special little boys my Prayers and Thoughts are with you all.

LaDonna Earley
Denison Fire Dept 911 Dispatcher