Volunteers Statewide Step in to Help

1-2-07 To make sure all of Townsend's friends and family could attend his funeral, firefighters from all over the state volunteered to help. It was a day of grieving for firefighters, a group of men and women who are so close and stand as one. As thousands piled into the Tabernacle Church in Denison, one thing was for sure. His extended family, the Denison Fire Department was there to show support. But in order for that to happen, extra help was called in.

Fire departments as far away as Austin volunteered to come to Denison to make sure the public stayed safe while Townsend’s family and friends honored his bravery. Whitesboro, Van Alstyne and Gainesville fire departments as well as Vital Care, an ambulance service out of Bells manned the phones and responded to all emergencies the community had during the time of Townsend’s services. Volunteers said it was more than just a service to the Denison and even Sherman departments, but also a sense of duty and brother-hood for their fellow firefighters.