Madill Family Recovers from Explosion

1-3-07 Authorities in Marshall County spent Wednesday combing through the debris of what was once a Madill mother and son's home. They are still looking into what caused the blast that destroyed the place Gertrude and Max Dunn called home for almost 50 years. Gertrude Dunn and her four children moved into the home on 2nd Street in 1958 and have lived there ever since.

However, fire destroyed everything she and her son, Max, had Tuesday morning and left them with nothing but the clothes on their backs. If the Dunn's have anything to be thankful, they say it was their decision to run errands Tuesday morning around 11 o'clock. They say their clothes and furniture can be replaced, but it is those belongings one can never get back that are hard to let go. Officials from the Marshall and Madill fire departments and Oklahoma Natural Gas dug through the rubble searching for what caused the blast. At the end of the day, all signs pointed to a gas leak. The Dunn's did not have homeowners insurance and are staying with friends. They say they do not have the money to rebuild and will probably be forced to rent.

In light of the tragedy, the Dunn’s find support in each other and in an army of loving friends. Madill Fire Chief Namwe has not released specific details on what caused the leak; neighbors say crews were working on a sewer line in the area. However, there is no word if that is what caused the gas line to break.