Police Seize $15,000 in Drugs

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01-04-07 Denison Police seized $15,000 worth of marijuana in a drug bust. Yesterday, Sherman and Denison police say they found about 9 lbs. of marijuana, two guns, ammunition, and $600 in cash. The items were found in a home and in vehicles, in the 4600 block of Sistruck Rd, in Sherman.

Officials say the Denison Narcotics Division received a top about possible drug activity at the home.

Police arrested 18-year-old Matthew Hall and 18-year-old Russell McEwing for possession of marijuana. 17-year-old Marlon Warren was arrested for unlawfully carrying a weapon, and possession of marijuana over five pounds. 47-year-old Genise Warren was also arrested for possession of marijuana over five pounds.

"We certainly want to know if there's any type of suspicion about any type of crime," said Denison Police Lt. Mike Eppler. "Certainly contact your local agency, and let them know as soon as you can."

All four people were taken to the Denison City Jail and later to the Grayson County Jail. Police say there may be other arrests in connection to the bust.