Cause for Madill Explosion Confirmed

1-4-07 Thursday afternoon investigators confirmed the cause of an explosion that rocked the city of Madill Tuesday morning. After days of investigating, officials realized the source of the problem dated back to 1992 when ONG crews bore through a gas line that spanned several blocks, including 2nd and Francis, and ran straight through the city's sewer main line.

The Madill Fire Chief says city crews were doing routine maintenance on the sewer when the root cutters they were using hit the gas line. The gas immediately flowed into the sewer and entered area homes. When it got to Gertrude and Max Dunn's house, it ignited the wall furnace sending their home up in flames. Fire officials say they were lucky no other homes caught fire. Officials say city crews had no way of knowing the gas line was there and that are not sure why it was placed there in the first place. They are still investigating what agency, if any, is responsible.