School Bond Voted Down in Ardmore, Sales Tax Passes

11-18-03 - Voters in southern Oklahoma sent a mixed message for schools in Ardmore.

In the case of two sales tax issues, voters said yes in both cases. The first, proposition one, was a quarter cent sales tax that will benefit Plainview and Ardmore city school districts. It passed with 61 percent out of 3,732 votes cast. Proposition two was a quarter cent sales tax that will go to the city. It passed as well, with 64 percent out of 3,607 votes cast.
But when it came to an $11 million bond issue for Ardmore schools, the measure narrowly failed.

57 percent said yes out of 2,833 voters but since it’s a school bond, 60 percent was needed to pass.

That bond issue would have paid for improvements at the middle school, high school and Charles Evans elementary.

Johnston county voters gave a resounding yes to handing over their county hospital. 87 percent voted to lease the struggling hospital to a private company.

They also voted to pass a hotel-motel tax that will support industrial development. 75 percent said yes.