Congressman Reacts to Bush Speech

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1-10-07 Ralph Hall, a Texas congressman and member of the new Democrat-controlled Congress paid close attention to the President's delivery Wednesday night. He wasn't surprised with Bush's address and said Bush spoke plainly and gave a good outlook for the war in Iraq.

Although Democrats now hold the majority in Congress, the Presiden'ts plan is one both Democrats and Republicans can accept, Hall said.

Both parties want a Commander-in-chief they can stand behind, he said. Especially since the addition of more troops overseas represents more young people serving in dangerous roles.

"I'm very hopeful that 2007 is a year we'll look back on one day and know that perhaps he succeeded in leaving a basitan of freedom in the desert for all the world to see," Hall said. "I don't know. I wouldn't bet the family jewels but we have to give him that shot."

Congressman Hall emphasized the President has more access to wartime information than "all of us put together."