Law Enforcement Trains to Prevent Stalking

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01-11-07 Local family advocates are working to remind law enforcement of the danger of a crime that they say often goes unnoticed.

In recognition of Stalking Awareness Month, officials from the Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma stopped by the Ardmore Police Department Thursday to make members of the investigative unit more aware of the growing crime.

Advocates say each year, one in 12 women and one in 45 men become victims. Officials say it is becoming more prevalent in Southern Oklahoma.

Police say cases are often hard to prove and that is why victims must log and report every incident, whether their stalker follows them home from work, calls them, or text messages them.

The Family Shelter has kits available to make the process easier to report.

Jill Cheney, a Family Advocate said, "I think law enforcement forgets the seriousness of stalking, I know they know it's serious, but stalking is a crime often times only seen by the victim."

Love County officials took part in the training last week, Ardmore patrol officers are scheduled to attend the class next week.