Bryan Co. Jail Lockdown

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Bryan County Jail Administrator Donna Hutchinson says she's fed up with all the escapes from the jail and, what she calls, the jail's bad reputation. She hopes Richard Kramer's escape will be the last from the troubled jail.

On a chilly winter day, no one is in the yard at the Bryan County Jail. It's not the weather keeping inmates inside. It's a lockdown.

"The door to the cell is closed," Jail Administrator Donna Hutchinson said. "And they have to stay behind there are that door has to stay shut the whole time until their hour comes up to be out."

Before, inmates were allowed out of their cells into common areas, where they played card games all day, Hutchinson said. Inmates now must remain locked behind their cell doors, except for an hour a day, mostly to take a shower.

"They were kind of spoiled to be able to come out whenever they wanted and roam their day room," Hutchison said. "Now they don't get to. But I can't help that. I just feel like this is the best way to go."

No more than two inmates will be out of their cells at a time. This allows jailers to keep a closer eye on imates, and hopefully avoid any other escapes.

The news of the lockdown didn't go over well, causing fights to break out, and inmates trying to clog toilets.

"It's been great to us," Hutchinson said. "They haven't handled it very well. They're kicking the doors all the time, but it's something they're just going to have to get used to. If they went to another jauil they would have to do the same thing."

Jailers are already undergoing more training, and Hutchinson hopes a new batch of county commissioners will provide valuable input.