Crews Work Hard to Repair Power and Roads

1-15-07 The ice is beginning to melt, but parts of Oklahoma may not be out of the woods yet, especially when it comes to power outages and slick roads. After a night of rain and sleet, the sunshine was a welcome sight Monday, especially for road crews and utility workers. But, the cold temperatures and bitter wind will still keep them on their toes Monday night. For the most part, drivers played it safe. OHP and local police departments worked only minor injuries; thanks to the help of road crews who have been working around the clock to keep the streets in the clear.

Although the ice is gone, power outages may still be on the horizon. About 100 OG&E customers in the Ardmore area and 300 near Durant are still without power. Crews plan to have them up and running by Monday night. Ardmore street crews we'll be back at it as well to clear the way for the Tuesday morning commute. On the Texas TXU said everyone should have power again and have no reported outages in the North Texas area.