Oklahomans Still Without Power

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1-16-07 Thousands in Pontotoc County are still without power and it may be awhile before crews can get it restored. The People's Electric Cooperative brought in crews from Hugo, Stillwater, and Marietta to help restore power.

Utility company officials estimate around 3400 people are still in the dark, and they say it could take at least a week to repair the damage.

It's easy to underestimate the power of electricity, until you're forced to go without.

"Don't think you'll miss it but you do," said Vickey Christian, an Allen resident.

For Christian, it's her livelihood. She relies on electricity to operate her interior design business. The Christians lost power Saturday, but for a family who survived the ice storm in 2000, Vickey says this week's storm pales in comparison.

"We were without power for 12 days," she said. "We had to melt icicles for water."

Natives describe this scene as a war zone. The further east you travel, the gloomier it gets. Officials with the People's Electric Cooperative in Ada say around 250 broken poles are left to repair. The aftermath stretches from Allen to Tupelo.

Most of the customers hit hardest live in rural areas. Luckily, they have firepaces, wood stoves or propane to heat their homes. Just in case, the Red Cross has shelters open if anyone needs a warm place to stay.