Sherman Mayor Weighs in on Proposed Power Plant

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01-16-07 Sherman City leaders weigh in on the proposed coal burning power plant in Savoy, Tuesday night.

Mayor Bill Magers presented a letter to council members regarding his concerns about the planned facility. The letter says the city council does not support any project that would jeopardize the air quality in Sherman.

Magers says doing so would discourage prospective business from moving to the city. The letter also requests all steps be taken to ensure residents' health and safety.

Magers says the letter will now be sent to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

"From the city's standpoint we've spoken. We've joined county commissioners and our State Representative in saying we want to make sure this is done correctly. Here are our concerns and they're outlined in detail in this letter," said Magers.

Magers says after the letter is sent to TCEQ, the ball is in their court, and he hopes they make the right decisions regarding the plant.