Marshall County Scam Warning

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01-17-07 The Marshall County Chamber of Commerce is warning businesses about scam artists out to get their money.

Members of the so-called "Premiere Map Company" have been calling business owners in the area, saying they are working with the Chamber of Commerce to design a map of Marshall County, and they are selling advertisements for it.

Turns out, that is not the case.

The only company the Chamber has endorsed is DFW, and they sold those ads last fall.

After doing some research Chamber Director Jeff Hudson found out there are similar warnings for the same company going out in Louisiana and Iowa.

"Nothing upsets me more as people who take advantage of businesses in this town they get hit up enough as it is by out of state people calling wanting them to buy this and that," Hudson said.

Hudson says if you get a call from the Premiere Company, get a return phone number and possible location, then let Chamber officials know.