Starved Horses Seized

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1-17-07 An update on a story from last week about a herd of horses near Paris that neighbors describe as starved and dying. A Lamar County judge approved an agreement between the district attorney and the horses owner, Michelle Thomas.

The agreement states Thomas has 60 days to sell or give away 18 horses, and gets to keep five.

The Lamar County Sheriff's Office received a seizure warrant for the whole herd, but now humane society officials say only four horses needing immediate medical attention will be released into their care.

Seven of the 33 horses in the herd have already died. Humane officials are concerned more may die if they are not removed.

"We feel that the current owner of the horses does not have the resources to care for the horses, " Elizabeth Knizley, president of the Lamar Co. Humane Society said. "Seven horses have died that were in her care and we're concerned the horses that remain in her care for the next 60 days or until she sells them or gives them away, will not receive what they need."

We attempted to contact the horses' owner, Michelle Thomas, but got no response.

The Lamar County Humane Society is accepting donations to pay for vetrinary care for the sick horses.

You can mail a donation to:
Lamar County Humane Assoc.
P.O. Box 8
Paris, TX 75461
or drop off a donation at the Paris Animal Shelter.