Police Warn Of Check Scam

Police are warning of an old check scam that may be new to Texoma residents.

They say a man in Sherman got a check in the mail for more than $6,000. The sender attached instructions to cash the check and then send a fee back to the sender. Luckily the man took the check to the bank and verified that it was a scam.

Sgt. Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department says getting the word out is the key to keeping someone from being victimized.

"What we want to do is put the information out there and remind people that if it's too good to be true, then it's probably not true. If you get a check in the mail for six thousand dollars, it's probably a scam."

The potential victim did not fall for the trick and did not lose any money. Police say scams like this one can originate in or outside of the United States.