Marshall County Fire Ruled as Arson

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01-18-07 Fire Marshals are saying a fire just west of Madill Thursday night has been categorized as arson. The fire destroyed an abandoned house and forced OHP to shut down portions of highway 70 on Thursday night. Officials still are not sure how the fire was set, but know it started with a mattress at the back of the house.

Witnesses say flames engulfed the abandoned house in Oakland around 7:30 pm Thursday. Large trees surrounding the house caught fire, causing powerlines to light up, popping and sparking.

It took the Madill Fire Department about an hour and a half to get the blaze under control. The house is still standing, although the roof caved in.

OHP shut down parts of Highway 70, diverting traffic for driver safety. OG&E crews were on the scene to repair the powerlines. No word on whether the fire caused any outages in the area.

Witnesses report they thought fireworks were going off in the area, but what they saw were sparks from the powerlines. No one was injured, and fire officials are still investigating. There are currently no leads.