Food Banks stock up to feed hungry families

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DURANT, OK-As many of us sit down to dinner hundreds of Oklahoma families are going hungry. They've lost jobs forcing them to make tough choices, and many can't even afford food. The Regional Food Bank out of Oklahoma City typically makes donations to local food banks, and even as they distribute the food staff say they are having a hard time keeping up with the demand. Rita Kotey has more.

With empty plates to fill and hungry families to feed ten local food distribution agencies lined up to receive packaged items from the Regional Food Bank from Oklahoma City.
About 30,000pounds of food was delivered today in Kingston and Durant.

"If we didn't come here and get this we probably wouldn't be able to operate," volunteer Jack Accountius said.

Jack Accountius with St. Catherine's Food Bank says they feed about 200 families each week. Each time the semi-truck makes a stop in Durant, he says that gives him hope that one more family won't go hungry.

"We always try to give a fruit, vegetable, some sort a starch like spaghetti or beans, and some sort of a meat. It could be anything from bologna to turkey breast. To help out the people who have less than you do. The good Lord said to the least of my people you do unto me," Accountius said.

"We have had an increase at victory life of about 8-hundred and fifty families a month," Sue Stanfield said.

Sue Stanfield with the Victory Life Church Food Bank says many residents have either lost their jobs or have been cut back to only part time each box goes a long way.

Several of the organizations receiving food today work with after school programs and the elderly. Many don't have enough money or food to keep up with the demand.

Accountius says he hopes what they have today will last them until this time next month.

"We always need more food, "Accountius said.

"One dollar worth of food that someone donates will make seven meals in the community," Stanfield said.

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