No Child Left on the Bus

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A new state law requires all new school buses to have an alarm that will help drivers make sure that no child is left on the bus at the end of the route.

Sherman ISD says that they transport close to 2,000 children everyday and the higher the numbers the greater the chance a student gets left on the bus.

The alarm is activated when the driver starts the bus. Once the driver finishes his route, he must turn off the alarm at the back of the bus making he or she check all the seats to make sure that no one is one the bus. If the bus driver turns off the bus with out checking, a soft alarm, followed by a big one will alert the driver to go back and check.

"Its very important that we have a procedure that hopefully will ensure that one one is left on that bus and that every bus is checked to make sure no child is left sleeping," said SISD Director of Transportation Randy Reddell.

Sherman ISD starting using the new technology last year.