Local Man Home After Surviving Tower Fall

12-12-03 - A Bryan County man is home this week after falling off a cell phone tower last month. Thirty-five-year-old Ray Hull of Calera has been working on towers for more than 20 years. But for the past two weeks he's been recovering from a fall that almost claimed his life.

He spent 15 days in the hospital after falling more than 250 feet off the tower near Omaha, Nebraska. A crane-like device holding Ray’s emergency strap fell, dragging him down with it.

Luckily the pipe hit the ground before Ray did, holding up his descent at the last second. Still, the third generation climber suffered injuries to his kidneys, both intestines, lungs and liver. This father of three says the fall has put his life into perspective.

Ray says he’s not giving up his career though; he’ll go back to working on towers in six months.