Hay Costs High for OK Ranchers

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Some Oklahoma ranchers may have to sell the farm. The rising cost of feeding cattle is putting some ranchers out of business.

Ranchers say they just can't afford to pay the going rates for hay, selling at a premium after a winter storm two weeks ago.

Some ranchers are selling off horses, entire herds of cattle, and other are closing down completely.

"A lot of people are selling," said Todd Johnson, an Oklahoma rancher. "The stockyards over there, the people are kin to us, they say a lot of people just can't do it anymore. They can't afford, the cattle are high, yeah, but feed? It just doesn't work. They have to do something."

Many ranchers say they have to ship in hay from out of state. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture says it is asking Congroess to bail out farms. No word from Washington if that will happen.