Feeding Cattle Getting Expensive

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Donald Sexton has lived in Oklahoma for 72 years and he says that this year has been the hardest with regards to taking care of his cattle.

Sexton says that a 6 by 6 bale of hay which normally costs around $25-$30 is running around $80. That price increase has caused many farmers to sell parts of their herd.

State Representative Terry Hyman asked for the legislature to match the 6 million dollars given by the federal government, but there is still no word on whether or not that will happen.

Bryan County officials hope that a little rain will help to the trick.

"One good year would make a big difference, but in reality it will take a couple years to bring back to normal," says Clay Jones, Director of the Bryan County Ag Extension Office.

All in all...this year alone...Donald Sexton says that he will lose $20,000 in profits.