Heavy Crimes

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Law enforcement say several heavy equipment burglaries have been reported across Texoma. The most recent happened last Thursday at Tractor Supply in Sherman. These thefts are not only an escalating problem here in Texoma. Crimes of this nature are on the rise across the nation.

Officials in Grayson County are working two investigations involving stolen equipment. They say the stolen equipment totaled $200,000 at one crime scene and $500,000 at the other location.

Police say this is a creative new way for criminals to fund their drug habits. Sherman Police issued a warrant on Tuesday for the arrest of John Kennedy, who they say is responsible for the Tractor Supply burglary. That investigation is still ongoing.

Grayson County Sheriff's officials say that across the U.S. burglars have taken advantage of unguarded construction sites and forgotten equipment left in front of homes.

Sherman Police say they have responded to several burglaries at city businesses over the past few months. These thieves then take the stolen tractors and large trailers and sell them in Oklahoma. With that money, authorities say the thieves buy drugs.

Most of the stolen equipment is recovered by the authorities, but they are asking for help from the public.

If you see any suspicious activity around construction sites, report it to the local authorities.