Firefighters Hoofing it Up

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As a kid you may have placed "h-o-r-s-e" on the basketball court, but the name of the game was "Donkeyball." These four-legged friends and their riders took to the court to hoop it up at the second annual Donkeyball tournament in Callisburg.

The tourney, sponsored by the Callisburg Athletic Booster Club, was created to help fund volunteer fire departments during the harsh fire season. Now, it's turned into a fun way to raise money.

"Well we won 18-4. I think it was (successful), and we're defending champions," said Chief Danny Caldwell, of the Oakridge Volunteer Fire Department.

"The Dream Team. So we're doing good. I think we got it."

Wednesday night's tournament raised money for Oakridge, Callisburg, and Woodbine and Lake Kiowa Volunteer Fire Departments.