Search is on in Bryan County

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Temporary Jail Administrator Donna Hutchinson turned in her two weeks notice Wednesday. And now the county is looking for their third Jail Administrator in the last six months.

Hutchinson has been the jail administrator since the end of October, but she says the stress of the job and the time away from her family have led to this decision.

Hutchinson's announcement came the same day county officials held a meeting with four local banks to try and bring more money to the jail. A couple of weeks ago, Hutchinson asked for $110,000 dollars, but only received half of that out of the counties general fund.

And while it might appear that the move to leave was because of money, Hutchinson says that's not the case. In fact, she's glad to see the county working to get more money in order to hire qualified workers.

Hutchinson plans on staying in the county and helping out if needed. The county is currently accepting applications for anyone interested. The deadline is Monday February 5 at 1 pm.