A Super Idea

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While football fans are getting ready for the big game this Sunday, others are waiting to see what advertisers draw up for this year's commercials during Super Bowl XLI. Doritos held a national competition to see who could produce the best commercial. A group from Sherman was among the participants.

Director Frank Sanza and his crew received word of the competition one week before the deadline, but that didn't stop them from putting together a creative piece, working with a crew of only four people and a budget of $20.

The commercial involves a wife who's giving birth to a child. She calls her husband, but he's distracted on the way to the hospital by a Doritos machine. The commercial was filmed at the Heritage Park Surgical Center in Sherman.

You can watch the commercial here.

The crew already had a camera. All they had to buy for their shoot were bags of Doritos. Their commercial entered in the competition was one of over 1,000 nationwide.

Unfortunately the group from Sherman was unable to place in the top sixteen. They said they knew it would be tough to win, but it didn't stop them from giving it a shot.

The director of the ad says that this year a thirty second spot during the Super Bowl runs about $2 million. A full minute runs $4 million.