Marshall County Thieves Caught

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Three Bryan County natives were caught red-handed with a carload of stolen goods Thursday. In that one traffic stop, Marshall County Deputies say they solved a month-long crime spree that spanned two counties.

Authorities say the culprits targeted the first homeowner around Christmas. Since then they have hit dozens of card and homes from Durant to Alberta Creek.

Their run came to an end Thursday thanks to a tip from a mindful resident.

The day after Christmas, a Marshall County fishing guide headed out to work when he noticed all of his rods and reels, about 40 in all worth around $8,000, had been stolen from his backyard shed.

This man was the seventh victim in a matter of days until Marshall County authorities say the culprits' run came to an end early Thursday morning when deputies went to check out a report of a suspicious SUV driving in the area.

Upon search of the vehicle he found more than 82 stolen items, including a large amount of credit cards, keys, clothing, cell phones, tools, electronics, and fishing rods.

Deputies arrested 33-year-old Thomas Foreman and 24-year-old Mary Owens on site. Dustin Edelen, 31, fled the scene until he was captured near Lake Texoma Lodge.

The three suspects were arraigned today on charges for possessing stolen property. Now deputies have the task of getting all the stolen items back to their rightful owners.