Bonham Plans for the Future

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In Bonham, city leaders outlined a plan for the next five years to help the city through a period of what they call rapid growth and success.

City officials say that last year, the city constructed more than 50 homes. This year they say those numbers should be on the rise. In the last five years combined, city officials say the city has grown by nearly 2,000 people.

This was the fourth year that city leaders and administrators met to discuss the future of the city. Among the list of changes the city would like to make is a complete renovation to Lake Bonham, including fixing most of the campsites and electricity concerns.

Police Chief Mike Bankston would like to add to more police officers to the force. It has been a force which has been understaffed for the last three years.

Upgrading facilities was also discussed during the meeting, but officials say that those changes might take a little longer to take shape.

All of the ideas brought up at the meeting were compiled by the city manager and will be discussed at a later date.