Salvation Army Keeping Busy

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The Grayson County Salvation Army has a policy during the winter months not to turn anyone away who needs any help. But this year, more than previous ones, officials say that they are seeing a lot more people come through the doors.

Officials with the shelter say there has been a 213 percent increase in meals given out from the previous year. Captain David Grigsbay says that over the Christmas holiday, he placed 800 food orders for families in need around Grayson County.

The increased business for the salvation army is beneficial for all parties involved. In some cases many of the volunteers help the Salvation Army. And they get help in return.

"I like it here, people here are real kind and as long as I follow all the rules, i guess everything will be fine," says Dewaine Matts.

This past week, the Salvation Army received over 35,000 dollars from FEMA to help house guests through the winter.